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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
for us. reagan sold the book. c-span: go back to 1996 again. you wrote mrs... . >> guest: mrs. reagan. c-span: ...reagan a letter. have you met her, by the way? >> guest: only a couple of times. i've met her--i met her soon thereafter, and--but not many times, no. c-span: did you interview her? i mean, she's interviewed for the book. >> guest: she was interviewed. martin anderson conducted that interview for the book. and--and that was--it was the great confirmation of--of what we'd been finding in the archives. we thought it was important to interview those who were around reagan in the '70s, and so she was one of the most important people. c-span: so you're at the reagan library, simi valley; who brings the boxes to you? how's that work? >> guest: the archivist. have you ever been there? c-span: yes. yeah. >> guest: ok. the archivist brings them out. and they're private papers so they're--they're handled a bit differently than the other papers at the library that--you know, that are open to the public, but--and i just would sit there and go through them. c-span: where were you located
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1